Tuesday, July 28, 2009

paintings for charlotte

so the fam went up to melbourne beach this past weekend and charlotte had wanted some painted wooden frames. i made them and a few other things, including some fabulous growth charts! every time i make these i want to keep one for ellie, but i end up selling it. my goal is to have a permanent one hanging in her room before i have to go back to school! i was also really happy with how the shrimp frame turned out! i don't know why i suddenly like shrimp so much, but i just can't seem to help it! anyway, charlotte's store just looked fantastic and you should totally go if you are in the area. it is called decoratifs (decoratifsgifts.com) and is on strawbridge in the downtown area. she does the most amazing stationary and invitations. so pretty. anyway, we had a great time in melbourne and everyone except me saw a big manatee! i was very jealous, but i was sleeping in so i guess that was okay. moms only get that chance every once in awhile. well, right now i am creating some fantastic new jewelry! talk soon!

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