Monday, August 24, 2009

so here are the photos of my new stamped silver jewelry. i am so excited because the possibilities for these are endless! the charms come in several different sizes and you can layer them or wear several on a chain! above is a boy name with an initial and a personalized little charm. so cute!
here are my sweet dogs names. i am getting dog tag hardware so i can also make a tag for your dog's name or nickname with your phone number.
best friends charms--so cool.
who doesn't?
you can also do a name charm with a mini fun tag!
here is a stamped peacock... i wore this to school today. i think it is my fave. it is metal clay, not a stamped pendant, but i couldn't resist sharing a pic.
here is my daughter's pendant. it is a little bit big for her, but she likes the bling. it has her first and middle name and three shells on top.
and here is my personal charm necklace. my hubby, my daughter and a shell.

my art show prices are $16 for chains, $8 for the mini 3/8" charms (seahorses, flip flops, shells, starfish, heart, flower, hibiscus, wave, cupcake, owl, and more--all adorable), $10 for the 3/4" discs, $12 for the 1" discs, $14 for the 1.25" discs, $16 for the 1.5" discs, and $20 for the 2" discs. I can put anything on them. i've got three different sizes of the straight capital font. i'm going to be bringing them over to harvey's pretty soon--prices will be slightly higher. then the next stop is the junior leauge of the palm beaches soiree in october. if you want to special order one, go ahead and email me!
so excited about this....


alicia hart said...

sooooooo fun! you are AMAZING and keeping it interesting and trying out new crafty ideas. i want to be just like you sweet katie!

Bonnie Widmaier said...

love these katie. you are so creative. i love the peacock one! so glad i found your blog.