Saturday, October 15, 2011

chevron rug

so with 2 toddlers and 2 big dogs, our rugs get stained quickly. i usually buy inexpensive sisal rugs from homegoods or on clearance from the company store or pier 1. i've been getting bored with the look, though, so when this rug was done, i decided to paint it. i've seen a lot of them on pintrest, and they looked easy enough, so i gave it a try. i started with a white base coat (primer and paint in one) and taped it off. i didn't want a perfect chevron... well, i wouldn't have minded a perfect chevron, but i wasn't really into the measurements, time, etc. plus, my rug had a pretty chunky weave, so i knew that any taping i did, no matter how perfect, would leak a lot of tape. so i went with a fairly even chevron tape job.
then i kept painting. and painting. and painting.
i took the tape off...
painted the edge. and then. was done. finally.
it looks cute. i had it inside, but because it was so bold decided it was too distracting.
so now it is outside, and it fits in perfectly with our black and white striped cushions! i keep eyeing that OTHER sisal rug out there. maybe one day i'll paint that one, too. not yet, though. it was a lot of work.

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