Sunday, November 13, 2011

thanksgiving banner

i don't have too many thanksgiving decorations, so i made two this weekend--two cute banners.
i started by cutting out letters from felt and triangles from burlap. i wanted to do two banners--on that says give thanks and one that says we love fall. so i just made some templates and hand cut everything. i'm sure it would have been faster with a sizzix or like product, but i don't have one.
then i pinned all of the letters on my triangles.
sewed those letters on.
made a few flower embellishments for the we love fall banner (i had the yoyos made from another project. these were extras.)
then i lined everything up,and ironed the bias tape.

and done!
it's a simple 2-3 hour project.
and these look so cute! much better than those ceramic turkeys that wind up in the clearance section. make a banner! you probably have enough stuff around the house!

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