Wednesday, January 27, 2010

fun january projects...

we finally finished ellie's new room. we put up crown and floor molding along with beadboard and a new chair rail! it looks so pretty and different from her old green room! here is her little kitchen and pantry...
and here is her crib, changing table, and cabana!
i've also been busily cutting out splat mats for artigras which is president's day (and valentine's day) weekend. they look really cute and are 46" x 47" square. they are great for under the high chair, for art projects, or for just keeping messes away.
fully stain resistant they come in lots of fun colors! only $22!
i also got to finally try out my new christmas present--a mini letterpress!
here is my first project--ellie's valentine's. they look great so far. i will try to remember to post the finished product!

my mom is headed to harvey's with lots of new product tomorrow so stop by and check it out! otherwise come by artigras for our great tent deals!

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judy said...

Wow, so incredible and beautiful!! you are an amazing woman!!