Thursday, February 11, 2010

artigras this weekend!

my mom and i are super excited about artigras (up in jupiter) this weekend! it is one of our favorite shows to do because it is really fun and family oriented. i took a second to take a few pics while i was getting ready! above is a bunch of fun leg warmers! ellie has been wearing hers so much because of the recent chilly weather, and she loves them!

above here is another fun product that is new to our booth: reversible chalkcloth/oilcloth mats. each one comes with either a chalk marker or three sticks of fat chalk in assorted colors. they are perfect for eating out because you have some entertainment and a sterilized mat for your child's food.
some new scallop signs in pink! they turned out really nice.
and isn't it funny that i'm having a boy and just randomly did this aqua and very boyish grouping? maybe they won't sell and i can put them in baby boy's room!
and here is the last pic of the day: a bunch of cool 12 x 12 frames. they say all sorts of things: beach baby, sweet boy/girl, sugar and spice, etc.

well, stop by the tent this weekend! we'll be there on saturday, sunday, and monday all day long!

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