Tuesday, November 23, 2010

shhh! don't tell ellie!

this is one of ellie's christmas presents--a bucket full of monkeys with the alphabet on their tummies. they are all different colors and have funny little faces. i had the most fun making them and i am sure that this would be a fun project for anyone with little ones. i got the blanks from the seller clickityclack on etsy. they have great unfinished wood shapes--fantastic nativities, etc. i used the size 4 man which are $1 each, but they have smaller shapes for .33 and under.
here is the finished group of them and the storage bucket i purchased (at michaels for $4.99). i put a-z stickers on the bucket (i just happened to have these).
the fancy girls--so fancy.
the mustache men--one of my favorite groups.
here is the whole set in a huddle. i love how bright they look!

here is the whole set! cute little monkeys... this was such a fun project. i think that anyone would really enjoy it, and you could do numbers or just your child's name if you weren't up for the entire alphabet! anyway, ellie saw one of these when she was in time out the other day and said, Look! There is a monkey peekin' at me!" Then she started to say her abc's. such a cutie. they are securely hidden now, but i just know she is going to love them!


judy said...

so cute, Katie!! I just cant even believe how awesome these are!!xo

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