Tuesday, December 7, 2010

that's it. i'm done!

well, i'm finally done with all of my christmas projects! i made my nativity, my advent calendar, decorated the house, sent out the christmas cards, and i am so done. i am not making another thing for quite awhile! it will be so nice to relax and enjoy the holiday! here is my mom with ellie. they were breaking in the christmas headbands!! below are a few other things i made in the eleventh hour!
pretty little name charm, made for a dad as a christmas present for his wife!
a cute frame for a customer--like one on the website, but with a different wood frame.
i couldn't stop my little peg monkey project after ellie's were done--we made some more for ellie's little pal, rylee. ellie's favorite girls are fancy girls so we did them all fancy style!

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