Friday, March 25, 2011

our spring break trip to disney world!

ellie riding cricket at fort wilderness stables. she loved it!
ezra's happiest moments were spent crawling around in the water at the kiddie pool. he was not detered by big kids, splashing, buckets of water, or going in under his head.
ellie had fun at the kiddie pool, too.
and this is ezra on the carousel AFTER it stopped. he loved it while it was moving.
this was day 2 at the park. we were headed for it's a small world! the kids probably could have ridden it all day, but once was enough for the adults.
my favorite section of disney. i just love those yellow umbrellas.
on our boat headed to disney... ellie was so excited.
it was a little chilly for the guys.
ezra after our first morning at disney. he is such a good sport.
we had so much fun! we stayed at fort wilderness, which was a first for us, and it was amazing. we had lots of space, and it is so calm there, especially after dealing with all of those people at the park. we also got to catch up with some old friends! now it's back to reality, and i'm working on some cute wood cutouts--octopus pics soon!


judy said...

What an adorable family!! thanks for letting us tag along!xo

Bonnie Widmaier said...

so fun! we still havnt made the disney trip wuth the kids yet. i know they would love it.

jessica said...

oh how cute! it looks like a wonderful time was had by all! thanks for sharing KT! xoxo