Sunday, September 18, 2011

quilting? my new project.

so i can't help be inspired by my stash of vintage lilly pulitzer scraps. i've collected them throughout the years and probably have 2 big baskets and one giant bag full of them. (i even have a ziplock bag full of polyester lilly scraps--don't know if i will ever use those, but i have them!). so, for whatever reason, i decided to make ellie a quilt. her favorite color is "all the colors" so i think the lilly fabric is perfect.
here is a pile of larger pieces--ones i can use for the quilt.
i've been hand cutting the squares. i know a rotary cutter is easier and cleaner, but i just cut the little squares with scissors... it's easy for me to do. now, the squares aren't perfect, but i just prefer the method. above is a pic of my sets of 9 tiny squares that will make up my blocks. i've been doing similar colors or groups of colors.
over this past weekend i more than doubled the number of squares i've made! i'm so proud. i don't know how many i need total yet... i'm sure i'm not close yet and don't want to get discouraged.
above are my strips of 3 in stacks of three... getting ready to be joined into squares.
and voila... they practically sew themselves :) i wish.
i never get enough of this vintage panda. or those butterflies.
and even though ellie loves all the colors, she always says she especially loves pink and purple, so i know she will like that square!
of course, i just can't get enough of that seahorse!!! so we can end my quilt preview with her. also, it's been awhile since i posted because i am back at school... but i've been busy. right now my mom and i are planning a photo shoot with lots of cute little kiddos! below is a sneak peek of what i stayed up late working on.
i just love a cute chevron, don't you?

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judy said...

oh my, adorable quilt squares and a beautiful new project, you are amazing!!xoxoso proud of you