Saturday, September 24, 2011

vintage kitchen redo

look at it--so sad. what a bad color scheme. but, it was solid wood and a great deal. thank you jcc thrift store! i just let the kids play with it for a few days. mostly they liked dropping things through the sink hole, then opening up the bottom cupboard. of course, i knew i eventually need to get started painting. and i gave a good beachy do up!
aw. so cute. i just love the bright colors, the scallops, the sea creatures. so much better and brighter! i debated doing mermaids, but the shape would have been awkward. i also thought about doing some frames on the beadboard backing with kid-ish drawings in them, but decided against it. there is sort of a lot going on.
the shelf on top--little aqua fish.
i was trying to take more pictures, but ellie and ezra kept playing with it--that darn sink hole. they love it!
there might have been a little shoving.
also fighting over the hot and cold knobs (they move).
the little knobs line up with their burner color.
little button hot and cold knobs--so cute! and the sink hole. i am looking for a metal prep bowl for it, but it's a strange size. i'll keep checking around!
and the inside. i want to do a whole room like this inside. can you imagine? orange and white striped floors, pink beadboard, and pink sand dollar accents. i'd totally live there.
another project (mostly) done.


Bonnie Widmaier said...

so fun... looks like you had fun and the kids are having fun.

judy said...

Adorable, what a makeover!!