Tuesday, October 28, 2014

pretty, pretty.

 well, i haven't been posting, but i have been busy! the new mini signs are selling like crazy. in pink, mostly (of course).
 i've also started a collection of vintage lilly pulitzer fabrics and clothing. i'm gathering clothing with a vague intention of making some vintage pieces available at art shows, or possibly cutting them up for project.
 this print is called heidi--it's beautiful. this piece was actually uncut yardage, so i cut it up to make pom pom shorts!
 i've also been sewing a few vintage lilly patch hair bows. beautiful!
 this kitty cat bow was claimed by my daugter!
 the vintage animal prints are my favorite! this piece with tigers, zebras and hippos is so fab.

 so many beautiful colors. they are hard to handle! i want to make everything all at once. life gets in the way, though :)

these last 4 are vintage textiles, not lilly, but they speak to me! i love vintage screenprints the best. the bottom with shells is a leon rosenblatt--another favorite designer of mine!

i'm getting ready for the art shows! see you in the spring!!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

living in a tent

living in a tent during an art show weekend is a lot of fun. the cool things involve getting to the event before the thousands of people show up, talking to artist pals that we only get to see a few times a year, seeing all of the amazing and inspiring art that artists from across the country create, and smelling the kettle corn get going. guilty pleasures might include watching occasional fights break out (usually among artist couples trying to set up a new tent--funnynotfunny) and gorging on kettle corn.

here's a vintage shot: 2005!!

the bad thing about art shows is the occasional must use porta potties. ugh. ugh. ugh. also, sometimes the hours are long, but really the shows are one of the best times of the year. hanging out with my mom all day is such a treat. also, talking about the things we work so hard to make beautiful is fun. and then seeing our customers come by (new and the loving repeats!) is so rewarding!

here's a shot from artigras 2014.

artigras 2014 down. two weeks: juno art fest by the sea. delray affair: late april. 

check out my facebook or instagram page to see the latest pics and what i'm working on right now!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

birth announcement posters

I'm beyond excited about the new birth announcement posters. I've just started playing around with the designs. Please let me know if you'd like to see another one of my stamps transformed into a poster! The greatest news is that they are all entirely customizable! email me if you'd like to see something new: ingratie@hotmail.com, or check them out at etsy.com/ingratie

Thursday, January 16, 2014

getting ready for the art shows

 i'm super excited about my new turtle notecards--these will be available at all of the shows this spring!

 i've also packed up some cool long necklaces for the rounds...
 some fun gift tags as well...

and a ton of seahorse stationary. yay! it's going to be a fun spring!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

we had a warm florida christmas!

 our christmas card--we had a lot of fun dragging our tree over to the beach. the kids couldn't believe we even tried it.
later in december, mom and i had a show at the boca hotel and resort. they set up a pink ice skating rink and we sold a few christmas items in a pretty little tent outside of the pink rink. it was a beautiful show and really got us into the christmas spirit.

now the holdiays are over, and we are in full production mode! there are three fantastic art shows headed our way: artigras, juno art fest on the beach, and the delray affair. come check out all of our new stuff!!

Friday, January 10, 2014

vintage hoop necklaces

so simple and beautiful! great for all lilly lovers!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

delray affair!!! next weekend!!

check out these awesome new dresses my mom is making for the delray affair! and, of course, my girlie is looking fabulous modeling it. we're all ready for Easter around here, with a few threads and globs of paint hanging around. that's always expected during art show season.

i've been making a ton of these seahorse dresses, and i've been selling these as soon as i've been making them!!! if you want one, message me on facebook. otherwise, get to the delray affair early because there aren't many left!

happy Easter!!