Tuesday, October 28, 2014

pretty, pretty.

 well, i haven't been posting, but i have been busy! the new mini signs are selling like crazy. in pink, mostly (of course).
 i've also started a collection of vintage lilly pulitzer fabrics and clothing. i'm gathering clothing with a vague intention of making some vintage pieces available at art shows, or possibly cutting them up for project.
 this print is called heidi--it's beautiful. this piece was actually uncut yardage, so i cut it up to make pom pom shorts!
 i've also been sewing a few vintage lilly patch hair bows. beautiful!
 this kitty cat bow was claimed by my daugter!
 the vintage animal prints are my favorite! this piece with tigers, zebras and hippos is so fab.

 so many beautiful colors. they are hard to handle! i want to make everything all at once. life gets in the way, though :)

these last 4 are vintage textiles, not lilly, but they speak to me! i love vintage screenprints the best. the bottom with shells is a leon rosenblatt--another favorite designer of mine!

i'm getting ready for the art shows! see you in the spring!!

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